Centre Wellington Ball Hockey located in Elora, Ontario, is a premier outdoor
ball hockey facility focused on the promotion of the sport to everyone year 'round.


Adult Men's


Mens-PhotoThe Centre Wellington Ball Hockey Club offers Men of all ages an opportunity to enjoy the great game of outdoor ball hockey. Age specific and skill defined divisions will allow club members to participate in the level of play that best suits their experience and age.


Button-Art ADULT

We offer Men's A, B and Men's D, 30+ and 50+ Leagues

Each season is 3 months in length starting at end February, June, September, and December. All teams are guaranteed 14 games.

Club members can sign up individually and be placed on a team, or they can enter a team with a minimum of 11 paid players.

Leagues are offered for age 18 and up. Keeping our community healthy and fit through a sport model that is enjoyed by many adults well into their forties, fifties and sixties is our goal.

This is a year ‘round opportunity to play on a low impact surface with minimal equipment costs!


  • Hockey Gloves
  • Approved Hockey Stick (no wooden sticks)
  • Goalies are required to wear full goalie gear
  • We recommend adult participants wear the proper protective equipment to protect themselves from injury, such as helmet, shin pads, mouth guard, elbow pads, jock/jill, etc.
  • All women's teams must have their own jerseys all having same base colour and a number on back without exception. CW Ball hockey can supply team jerseys with 2 colour logo on front and a number on back for $30 + HST.


What started as a dream over 10 years ago is finally a reality for owners Jim and Jackie Ranahan. “To be able to provide our community with this type of facility is something that is really important to us,”
says Jim.